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  • Q. Can I enroll my child in the CBA Kadir Natho Daycare Center at any time?
    A. Yes. Enrollment at our CBAKNDC locations is ongoing as long as space is available.
  • Q. Where can I find enrollment forms?
    A. Please request the required registration paperwork from our CBA KNDC location or click on the ENROLL button on the main page.
  • Q. How will I be informed about my child's progress at the CBA KNDC?
    Effective communication happens on an ongoing and daily basis through our parent PROCARE app. You will receive ongoing and daily reports detailing important classroom announcements, reminders, photos, and videos so you won't miss a thing! It is also a great tool for doctor visits helping to keep track of important information such as what your child ate, how they slept and even potty details. In addition, teachers will track your child's development by taking observation notes based on our curriculum. We review this information with you twice a year at our Parent Teacher conferences. Of course, directors and teachers are always available to speak with you at any time.
  • Q. Is there a minimum or maximum number of days per week my child can attend the CBA KNDC?
    A. The CBA KNDC is open Monday through Friday. We offer flexible scheduling that includes full time care, half-time care as well as before and after care. Back-up care is available on a daily and space available basis.
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