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The Circassian Benevolent Association is proud to present the

Kadir Natho Daycare Center
- the first and only Circassian Daycare Center in the U.S.A!


Adigha language & culture lessons!

Comprehensive infant, toddler, & pre-k programs to ready your child for future education!

Flexible full or half day schedules with before or after care services!

Back up care for children up to age 13!



“No matter where we are headed in life, our culture will always be something we take with us. It is very important that we protect our culture and heritage so our future generations can continue to look upon their past with pride and respects as we do. We must instill the love of our Circassian Culture in our young ones at a very early age to keep it alive. They have to learn about who we are, our achievements, our history and aspiration for the future.” - Kadir Natho

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